Save Food Asia-Pacific campaign aims to reduce food waste - on the farm, on the fishing boat, in the market and at home. And you're invited to the table!

FAO and its partners are campaigning to cut food waste across the Asia-Pacific region. The "Save Food Asia-Pacific" campaign is targeting losses that occur in the field both during and after harvest, on fishing boats at sea, in the markets, supermarkets and restaurants of our towns and cities -- and in our homes.

FAO estimates that reducing global food waste by just one-quarter would be sufficient to feed the 842 million people still suffering from chronic hunger in the world. The campaign is creating regional and national networks to raise awareness and encourage action. We need your help. Whether you are a policymaker, a farmer, a fisher, a food retailer, a restaurant owner, a researcher or a consumer, we can all take part - and make an impact. From the storage, transport and packaging of food, to educating food retailers and consumers there's lots to learn and lots to do. Visit one of the links that most represent your interest and give us your feedback!